Vedic English
Rhyme word- English treasure

 Rhyme words. Use as word game to remember easily.


Vedic Method : To remember words easily and also to recollect/remind it easily, repeat the words or use ‘and’ method.

Example :

write all rhyme words : good, food ,mood,

speak as good good, food food, mood mood

or speak as good and good, food and food, mood and mood, wood and wood,


 E    Be be, he he, Go go, to to, me me, my my, I I, we we, the the, They and then, then and when, There and where, this and that, These and those,they they, then then, when when, where where, this this, that that,

Bee bee,See see, sea sea,Fee fee , ghee ghee, Tea tea , pea pea,sea sea, yea yea,bee and bee, see and see, fee and fee, tea and tea.  

D    God god, good good, food food, mood mood,hood hood, wood wood, deed, feed, seed, need, heed, breed,rude rude , should should, could could, mind, find, bind, kind, blind,round round, pound pound, found found, sound sound, mound mound, hound hound, wound wound, ground ground, profound profound, bound bound, abound abound, compound compound, around around, surround surround,add, bad, pad, sad, lad, mad, glad, clad,odd odd, blood, flood,glad, old old, bold bold, hold hold, behold behold, uphold uphold, gold gold, cold cold, fold fold, manifold manifold, merrigold merrigold, sold sold, told told, rolled rolled, ruled ruled,mud mud, bud bud, curd curd, lord lord, nod nod, pod pod, god god, rod rod, sword sword, board board, land, band, sand, stand, grand,deed, feed, need, heed, seed, breed, creed, greed, lucid, placid, sordid, morbid,

ride, bride, pride, hide, side, tide, guide, collide

kind, mind, wind, find, remind, behind,

bed, red, made, fade, said, raid, laid, maid, paid, afraid, void, avoid, bird, hard, card, ward, word,

bud, cord, accord, record, curd, crude, lord,

word, ward, award, reward, coward, forward,

odd, mud, god, lord,bond bond, pond pond,

comedy, tragedy, malady, paddy, ruddy,rowdy
brand, grand, sand, stand,

L    tool tool, fool fool,pool pool, cool cool, full full, school school ,skull skull ,bull bull ,null null,rule rule, mull mull ,pull pull,ball ball, tall tall, fall fall, all all, small small, doll doll, dull dull, poll poll, goal goal, mole mole,tale tale, pale pale, tell tell, hell hell, bail bail, fail fail, mail mail, jail jail, rail rail , sail sail, hail hail, nail nail, snail snail, quell quell, quail quail, till till, mill mill, hill hill, chill chill, ill ill, kill kill, fill fill, nil nil, until until, heal heal, seal seal, feel feel, wheel wheel, smile smile, while while, deal, heal, seal , real,tale, pale,metal, natal, penal, rental, regal, royal, nodal, pongal, legal, loyal, liberal, literal, jovial, rival, lateral, global, revival, brutal, fatal,

natural , material, spiritual, artificial, eternal,supernal ,arrival,able, cable, table, noble, feeble, feasible,capable,apple, simple, sample, ample, temple, terrible, horrible, durable, amiable, amicable, apply, reply, supply, bolt, jolt, halt, salt,

F    Life life, wife wife, knife knife, strife strife, strike strike,leaf, deaf, beef, reef, effect, defect, reflect,

S     ask, ash, ass, add,anglass, class, mass, brass, crash, flash, lapse, collapse

Mess, flesh, fresh, trace, embrace, bless,

 best, test, rest, chest, zest,unrest, forest, arrest, taste,access, recess, process,just, must, dust, rust, lust, trust, cost,most,host, ghost, rost,frost, lost, post, boost,thrust, crust, just, adjust, cast, last, fast, mast, hast, past, vast,east,list, gist, mist, amidst,east, beast,feast, least,

 T  at, bat, cat, eat, fat, hat, mat, rat, sat, vat,at art, apt, act,tact, fact, enact, react, exact, , boot boot, boost boost, foot foot ,root root ,loot loot ,moot moot,lot lot, rot rot, hot hot, hut hut, got got, dot dot, rot rot, pot, cot, clot clot, but but, nut nut, fought fought, shut shut,mute,goat, wrote, vote, got, oath oath ,both both, booth booth, smooth smooth, tooth tooth, truth truth, south south,promise and oath, all or both, go to booth, fine and smooth, care your tooth, tell the truth, north and south. Ate, date,fate, mate, late, gate, hate, rate, pet,set,get,let,met, yet, jet, net, bet,eat, beat, meat, seat, heat, meet, quit,exit,emit, it, kit,fit, sit, writ, bit, chit, lit, sweet,amity, enmity, entity, eternity , clarity, sanity, purity, dignity, reality, duality, ability, agility, committee, commit, plenty, twenty, duty, beauty , bounty , nobility, mobility, hostility, tranquility, cruelty, authority, anxiety, duty, beauty, majesty, lofty,  credit, audit, ambit , sweet, wheet, meet,light, might, fight, right, sight, hight,tight,flight,plight, bright,recent, decent, absent,ancient,patient, crescent, fluent, client, joint, point, lift, gift, shift, rift,felt, belt, melt, pelt,fertile, hostile,futile,

 city, atrocity, publictity, necessity, sanctity, chastity,craft, draft, graft, overdraft,aircraft,shaft, soft,  act, react, contact, contract,abstract,out, about, doubt, put, shut, mute, cute, fruit, prudent, ardent, fluent,fault, fought, effort, fort, escort, elect, select, collect, neglect, reflect,  count, daunt, mount, daubt, mouth, tooth, booth, both, lament, talent, comment, moment, torment, garment, vehement, argument, augment, silent, salient,prudent, prevent, target, forget, regret, great, grateful,ate, locate, placate, polite,elite, day-light, delight,


V    clever, never, ever, lover, forever, whoever, cover,love, dove, stove, move,remove, above, mob, atop, aloof, active, native, festive, alive, achieve , relieve, believe, revive, survive,

ever, never, over, clever,brave, grave, bereave, save,

 look look, hook hook, took took, book book, nook nook, roof roof, proof proof,

link link, pink pink, sink sink,

M Zoo zoo ,zoom zoom, room room ,doom doom ,loom loom, boom boom,bloombloom,broom broom ,brood brood ,brook brook, broke broke, blood blood ,flood flood ,

team, ream, beam, cream, dream

N     soon soon, boon boon ,moon moon, noon noon ,goon goon, lagoon lagoon ,balloon balloon,seen seen, scene scene, keen keen, clean clean, been been, queen queen, ruin ruin, twin twin, mine mine, fine fine, line line, thin thin, shine shine,,pin pin, sin sin, kin kin, tin tin,

R,    poor,door,arm, charm, harm,farm, warm

 E   Tree tree, free free, shree shri, agree agree,

G    log log, fog fog, hug hug, mug mug, tug tug, logo logo,ago ago, ego ego, logo logo, cargo cargo, forgo forgo,age age, page page, sage sage, cage cage, ,

easy easy, busy busy, lazy lazy, crazy crazy, rosy rosy, drowsy drowsy, noisy noisy,pig pig, big big, rig rig, dig dig,king king, sing sing, ring ring, being being , bring bring, string string, spring spring, cling cling, Ming ming,use, misuse, re-use, abuse, fuse, refuse, confuse, defuse,song, long, among, wrong, cow-dung, far-flung,image image, damage damage, revenge revenge, rampage rampage, arrange arrange, range range, praise praise

X      ox ox, box box, fox fox, hoax hoax, coax coax, crux crux, apex apex,

relax, complex,simplex, duplex

C    nice, vice ,dice, mice,rice, advice, piece,

kiss,miss, fish, dish,

U   news,new, few, dew,

about, absolute, output, salute, pollute, dilute,

A A, an, am, at, be, bee, see, thee,

Tray ,say , stay, ray, lay, bay, betray, astray,

O  below, fellow, mellow, allow, low, bow, show, row, cow, foe, toe, so, go, flow, raw, law, paw, saw, crow, brow, toe, , bestow, arrow, borrow, sparrow, narrow, sorrow, forward, backward, ward, word, reward, sword, coward, child hood, manhood, boyhood,