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   Mahavatar Sri Sri Sri Babaji Maharaj
                                                                                                                             Dharmananda (Puri ,Odisha, India)
    A great  dream comes true. Dharmananda.
 In honour of our beloved Gurudev , Christ like soul in human frame , Mahavatar Sri Sri Sri Babaji Maharaj . Pranam . Humbly pray for instant spiritual benefit . 

Martyrs call for one India one border

New Knowledge of Word Making

Knowledge of Word Making is very important, innovative and inspiring for all students of schools and colleges. Vedic English enables automatic flow of words in the mind, to write and speak immediately without thinking for words. Language and litreature is more difficult to learn than Science and Mathematics. Till date no simple method was discovered for students. Vedic English is a new method to improve in any mothertongue by knowing word-making of adjectives, adverbs, nouns and verbs. It is the grace of God to save mothertongue and to achieve mastery over many languages. For it's profound importance it is followed in all schools and colleges of the world and popular among students in every home.

Till date we learn alphabets, words, word meaning (dictionary), grammar , prose
poetry and story, and also read single words. For this reason we can't write and speak spontaneously without thinking.

Knowledge of Word Making is innovative to teach the world in musical way for the first time to excel in English.

Daily listen audio of Vedic English for 10 minutes in International/Indian voice to achieve

mastery over the words, good command over word power, easily remember and recall, to improve creative hidden talent within you.

Spread this website to your friends through twitter ,whatsapp ,facebook and other social networking sites. To excel in English language easily, one should read and write 2000 "and" words, 200 strong verbs. It helps spontaneous command over word power to speak and write immediately.

When you read the word beautiful you must read all words i.e beautiful flower, beautiful queen, beautiful nature, beautiful palace, beautiful valley, beautiful sunrise, beautiful moon light, beautiful expression, beautiful feeling, beautiful scenery, beautiful poem, beautiful art, beautiful garden. It helps to remember all words easily in a musical way so one can recall immediately.

This site is dedicated to all the school children across the globe, who face difficulties in speaking and writing in English and other mother-tongue.



Vedic English(E-LIBRARY)


World School of Mother-tongue

Audio - Vedic English (International Voice) (click here)

Audio VedicEnglish (Indian Voice)(click here)




For Odia Students.

1. Odia M.I.L for +2 Students(click here)

2.  English M.I.L for +2 Students(click here)

3. Odia Sabda Mala(click here)

4. Odia Adjective -1


5. Odia adjective -2
6. Odia adjective -3

                                       Odia Books(novel,poem,story)

                     1.  Subarna Chilika(Odia poem)

                                            Subarna Chilika(text)(click here)

                                     2.   Kalingaa Karubaki -2 (Samarpana Odia)(Story)

                                                                     3.     Geeta Govinda Story(audio)- Poetic Prose (Click here) 

                                                                     4.      Inspiring Odia Story(Jatin Das, world famous artist)(click here)

Write Odia without typing

                                                                     5.   Sudhajhara Sanghagara

                                                                     6.      Megharatna (Poem) 

                                                                     7.  Konark(story) (Audio)



                                                                        8.  Jaydev(story) (Audio)

                                                                          9. Old Man and The Sea(story) (Audio)
                                                                           10. Subarna Chilika (Audio)
                                                                            11. P.K Mahanandiya, Odia artist(story) (Audio)
                                                                             12. Daya river(story) (Audio)
                                                                             13. Ramayana(story) (Audio)
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     HELP LINE FOR ALL :  HELP YOURSELF HELP MANKIND . HELP YOU TO EXCEL SO WORLD WILL EXCEL.  Write  your problem in Comments at left side index and we will send reply to guide you in good spirit you will be inspired to serve others. Truly service to man is service to mankind.

Helpline for Students :  We will help the students for better handwriting, to keep more mark in subjects like Math,Science, MIL, History, Geography, Sociology, Drawing etc, to remember  the subjects easily, to write the answer beautifully, to help the poor students, to overcome ego, to fill up forms, to get Govt. service or private service ,to help their family difficulty for health problem, for legal problem, office problem, spiritual development, for more product in farming etc.

         Click on to read in French, Arabic, Urdu, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Portugese languages to excel in mother tongue as a blessing to elite childrens and the guiding light for the worried parents world over as the English medium childrens failed to grasp their mother tongue due to lack of easy method to learn, speak and write as devised by Vedic English founder Dharmananda of India, Odisha, Puri, the holy place of lord Jagannath, the lord of lords, the Supreme God of all gods. Pranam

It is a blessing to the poor, backward students and a boon to the wise erudite persons. Truly Vedic English is Magic English to improve in Spoken English and Written English very easily.

      Really a foreign language needs magic method i.e vedic method to achieve excellence for the unification of  mankind and enrichment of mother tongue. Proper care to the language enrichment is the key to our prosperity.

         Feel the miracle teaching spirit of INDIA through air, ether and space.British  occupied two third of the world but taught only simple English. We teach prosperous English in a powerful way.

English is very difficult as after studying 16 years in school and college students can not write and speak wisely in their mother tongue. Hence the foreign language English is very difficult. But all languages are mother tongue for a little child. So any one can learn any language by innovative Vedic method. British made good building, rail, train, aircraft, ship, gun, telephone , road but not gave good teaching method to all to become wise in English. They want to create clerk only to help them. But true fact is that English language unifed  Indian people  for freedom struggle and  one day it will bring unification of India by 2026.


Tips as under
Practice makes a man perfect so hear/read daily one hour each topic carefully to remember like the rhyme.

            It  is followed by 5000 schools and colleges in India.Please tell your friends, teachers and relatives to visit this site daily to improve in Spoken English and written English.It is a blessing to the students worldwide. Help others to excel in English as a life time opportunity and spread this website in your Twitter, Face Book, e-mail, and telephone, letter.Your knowledge of English is incomplete without Vedicenglish. We promise scholarship to poor students and a bright future to all who follow it sincerely and donate for noble cause to construct the Temple of light and spread knowledge free for unification of mankind. Suggestions are welcome. Guru dakhina is the traditional practice all we respect through ages.

edic English  For strong vocabulary

Dream India Dream "U.S.I" (United States Of India ) Like U.S.A". Historic year 1757, 1857, 1947, 2027.
(One India One Border)

DAWN OF A GOLDEN AGE in India under visionary leadership for unification of motherland under U.S.I.
      Dedicated to the great patriots  as a heroic tearful silent solemn tribute to all martyrs for unification of this God made land India under U.S.I like USA,  a country of 50 states.
Our great independence in 1947 after 1000 years of foreign rule aims at material enrichment, spiritual enlightenment and unification of motherland.
It is suggested that Article-370 of Jammu and Kashmir is a blessing in disguise, a role model provision for Bangaladesh and Pakistan to accept for their merge in Union of India under USI with their unique identity intact with the aim to end age old hostility and fear of war and to prove your leadership quality 'unite and rule'for peaceful co-existence. JayHind. Pranam. Request to vote for  USI  PROXY PARLIAMENT and give your valuable historic comment in the Comment Section or  Blog at left side index.
           It is possible only if punjabi muslim in Pakistan and  Poor /middle class youth will make a promise not to join ARMY,
           Respect other religion as a true lover of God. Invite the teachers, officers, leaders, artists, politicians, important people of other religion staying in municipality/ panchayat to attend festivals of Muslim at Mosque, Christian at Church, Hindu at Temple .
               Pay respect and worship the freedom fighters of Pakistan/Bangaladesh/India whole heartedly. 
For material prosperity to poor citizens theft of  income tax, subsidy amount, forest product, mining metal, electricity, water, land, soil, enchroachment of Govt. land without tax, should be stopped for 5 years only so poor people will ride A.C car and will stay in A.C room. For election expense and political party expense there must be POLITICAL FUND by Taxpayees money in budget for re-imbursement.  No one can keep more than Rs 5000/- in hand in cash. All money should be in bank, and mobile ATM facility in village, mobile phone transaction money for Rs 50,000/- at a time, Tatkal Scheme/ Priority scheme on payment  for providing Govt. Service, to people, To eliminate corruption  in all Board of Officers the member should be from General , OBC, SC/ST of different states, officers of big states are more in number and in very high position of Head Of Office and Head of Department so suggestion/opinion of officers of small states has no place which is the route of corruption every where . Officers-group A are the magic stick to wipe out corruption so they should be given more monetary benefit, foreign travel LTC  IN 10 YEAR, one crore retirement due, one service to their son/daughter, Restrict   selling of wine in village and city to  citizens i.e only 2 bottles during festival or ceremony with undertaking like isssue of liquor to ARMY  people. For higher education/Govt. service costly coaching is a curse to rural students so reservation of % should be for each panchayat / metro, / municipality should be fixed. One Govt service for one family and must for family without it since independence. Old people and children and Govt. private servants are exploited by Govt for 09 hours working hour daily. So 6 hours  work is suitable in two shift  or 3 shift is better use of our huge man power. Our family peace is disturbed for students 8 hours schooling, house wives in service, 24 hours t.v channel, day time electricity supply should be restricted to 8 hours only, market should be closed after 8 P.m night. Indian wealth 90% is in 100 family so it should be distributed properly. Business should be restricted as per village, small town, big town,  for  daily sale for Rs 5000/- only so other poor business man can earn. Business profit should be fixed so all will get work and gain profit to manage family. Service, business, farming, labour are the source of income. So business sector should be controlled for maximum use of unemployed youth.  In all city every family should get concession of water/electricity, gas for him only but not for his many buildings, facatory, farmhouse etc as its production cost is high at taxpayees money. Retirement age in service should be 55 years or service 25 years and after it on consolidated basis if desired.
         For spiritual  development four times mass prayer is must. In office, factory, shop physical  exercise is must, spiritual conference of diffierent religion should be attened by officers and all should do KAR SEVA.. Then Golden Age in India will emerge under our elite leadership , you will genuinely agree and welcome to materialise the dreams of our martyrs. pranam.

          Pray God for the unification of our holy motherland. Pay respect to the Powerful visionary eyes that can penetrate all hindrances and hurdles to merge the man made borders of India to incarnise the God made natural borders.  It is right time  for the sons and daughters of  INDIA  to  demand for  the natural boundary of INDIA and of PAKISTAN AND BANGALADESH  their  birth right over  natural  India  as at present division of India is a great injustice to all as 70%  INDIA, 20% PAKISTAN and 10% BANGALADESH. Be confident history can be changed but not the geography. Donate as a good will gesture to win the time, to walk long miles, to achieve excellence , to make new history as the worthy sons and daughters of our martyrs who laid  down their life for the sake of freedom and peace, love, non-violence and prosperity. Be aware Chinese policy is to use and throw. the American policy to use and repair, destroy their goods as per their condition and to push others let    them flourish and finish , but we in India believe let live and others live in peace, grow in peace, flourish in freedom, pray in bliss, co-exist in love and to learn living nature friendly life in the lap of nature. Follow the middle path of Buddha, mankind can be rescued and cared at best.  I am confident you will donate a little and reap rich reward of prosperity and peace as a great of servant of God and mankind. pranam.

Daily pray 'Aum Hari Saranam. ShriGuruGovindaGaaniSaranam.


  Bibhu     Hjjjjjjjjjjjjjjh  - Trade mark, symbol,  

              Mankind’s March To Milky Way. 


Vedic English. Com, a brilliant website unique and innovate in thought and approach can           mesmerize the billions like our beaming milky way and buoyant saints and sages to inspire the works of our visionary leaders for all ages to come. Believe in free knowledge and help mankind’s march to Milky Way. 

Dedicated to the children’s of this planet for material enrichment and spiritual enlightenment and unification of mankind. Spreading knowledge selflessly is a solemn service to all. Alok Mandir, Seven splendid lights within seven temples, designed like the lights of the Saptarishi Constellation ,the heavenly aura in the vast ocean of stars in our milky way, ah God-like-Galaxy, ever to bless us and grace us to go beyond our mortal frame  in form of immortal flame .Height of the temple is 230 feet ,with khandelite stone ,sandstone ,igneous rock ,the design will be like the Jagannath temple in Puri ,Odisha. 100 acres temple complex ,museum ,rest house ,garden ,pond in front of each temple to reflect it in the water like Taj Mahal ,20 km away from the state capital Bhubaneswar temple city at Kendubilla the birth place of a great poet Jayadev famous for Gita govinda the shape of the temple top will be like a conch ,a bell ,a lotus ,a pendal for all religions for discussion and prayer.  Donate freely for the construction of this great temple    and help burning light of knowledge for ever. see contact   section.                               

Advance knowledge of science and technology should be given to all people of all countries under the supervision of United Nations for the betterment and benefit of mankind, for the welfare and wellbeing of the backward people. If it will be kept as a secret among few countries then one day few people will gain the power of immortality and vanish like gods and goddess. They will condemn others as  inferior to them as Asur/demon/monster. The unwise competition to gain superiority over other in the field of new science and technology will cause the massive destruction of our planet and will invite war like great war between Gods and demons in Hindu puran. So living a nature-friendly life in the lap of nature and believing  in knowledge-free life is the key to mankind’s march to Milky Way. All languages are mother tongue. If a little child  can grasp it perfectly then it can also be easily conceived by others/elders by following the innovating Vedic Method. Pranam. 

Truth is God. True knowledge is God. All other is just copy of it. What we know is the copy of knowledge from teacher, parent, books, elders, society.   Your knowledge and belief is full of information which is subject  to increase or decrease as per your age. As Christ preaches ‘I am the son of God.’ He clearly said that God’s son is God in human frame. Truly, that God is unseen, illusive, most intelligent, one in nature, myriad in manifestation in forms of air, ether, fire, earth, water. We also see Brahma, Vishnu, Maheswar , the Trinity in human frame in Hindu epics. Even all Gods and Goddess are looking in human frame.  

They are God because they know the art of miracle and achieve immortality and power to vanish, power to move the universes in micro lightning speed. We are fascinated and looking after miracles. In all religions, and religious scriptures sea of events, incidents are of miracle. Miracle of life after death, miracle of goods, of co-incidents, etc. Miracle is only done by the spiritually illumined souls, great spiritual masters in all religions. Paramhansa Yogananda in Autobiography of a Yogi’ declares that the law of miracle can be experienced by anyone who realizes that essence of everything is light.